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The Grey Rainbow
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The Grey Rainbow

This is a completely hand-drawn, point and click adventure. It’s got lots of dialogue and a very nice, thoughtful and complete, story. You should enter the game with no expectations. Relax. Read the dialogues. Solve the puzzles at your own pace. There’s even a hint button within the game to help you if you’re stuck. Most of all, enjoy yourself. The short story that I wrote to serve as the basis of the game can be found here: http://www.blackolivegames.com/games/thegreyrainbow.pdf The soundtrack for the game, in one zip file and glorious 320kbps quality, can be found here: http://www.blackolivegame s.com/games/tgr/stuff/The GreyRainbowSoundtrack.zip
It’s played with the mouse. Use it to pick up and combine items, and talk to people.

The Grey Rainbow

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