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Are you a fan of Tetris? If so, then you will love this twist on one of the best selling games from the 1980s! Whats different? Well, here there is no time-limit to bust your chops. Also, rotating the shapes is not allowed. But that’s not all! In addition, instead of having the blocks fall from the sky, you draw them on the Tetris board with your mouse! It’s the next generation of Tetris, only better!
How do I play?
You’ve got to draw shapes on the floor. The shapes show on the bottom. As to the rest – it is just that good old Tetris! Eliminate horizontal lines and continue drawing.

Is there any way to rotate figures?
No way. However, you may place them wherever you please.

There is no space to fit the shape in, but the game wouldn’t stop!
Pay attention to the next one. By clicking on it or puishing the spacebar you can make it a current one and fit it in!



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