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Side By Side
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Side By Side

A genuine and inventive platform puzzle with a cute story and great music. Two mammoths from different worlds want to meet each other, so they must travel through the portals in their lands to find the portal that connects their worlds. On a cold day, a lonely mammoth walks to a lake, to find a image of a mammoth from another world. As soon as they see each other, the wish to meet appears within. Remembering stories from their ancestors, saying that the worlds are connected by portals, they begin their journey across the worlds.
To move in the direction you wish to move, use the ARROW KEYS. To change the mammoth you control, press SPACE. To turn back time, press Z. In the map menu, use the arrow keys to move, space bar or enter to select a level. To restart the level, press R. To climb on something, press the ARROW KEY in the direction you want to climb. To push a block, sit next to it and press the direction in which you want to push it.

Side By Side


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