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Royal Warfare
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Royal Warfare

Royal Warfare is a new real time squad defence game with swords, archery and magic. Train soldiers, combine troops, face numerous enemy waves and enjoy fierce battles. Unite scattered forces, upgrade your soldiers, create a well combined army and smash the undead forces.
- To select a single unit, just click it. - Select several units by dragging a frame over an area. - Press ESC to cancel selection. - Select a group of soldiers. Press SHIFT+number to assign a group. You can use numbers from 0 to 9.Press that number again to select that group. - Double click a unit to select all similar units (e.g. warriors or mages) - Hold A on your keyboard and then click ground. Unit will attack any enemy it meets, and then proceed to a destination. - Select a group of soldiers. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and then click ground. Soldiers will move to the position and maintain their current formation.

Royal Warfare

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