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Psychic Arrow
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Psychic Arrow

While quietly meditating you uncover a disturbing image of the future. Your homeland has fallen victim to a massive attack and left in complete ruin. Your fellow islanders still unaware of the oncoming assault, their fate is left completely in your hands. But can you push your psychic abilities far enough to defeat the oncoming attack and vanquish their leader? Features: - 44 Upgrades - Entertaining Intro & Outro Animations (complete with music & sounds) - Beautifully Polished Art & Animations - Strong Player Appeal - Fun/Addictive Game play - Unique Twist On The Launcher Game Genre - Easy To Understand Interface - Satisfying Rag doll Physics For Enemies - Upgradable Everything - Completely Custom Sounds & Music - Auto Save Feature Credits: Created By: Iconic Studios Art & Animation By: Matt Vile (Uknownxl) Cut Scenes By: Matt Vile (Uknownxl) Game Design By: Matt Vile (Uknownxl) & Peter Achberger (Antriel) Game Programmed By: Peter Achberger (Antriel) Music and Sound Effects By: Sound Tricks (Daniele Zandara) Cutscene Audio & Sounds By: Sound Tricks (Daniele Zandara)
Click- Launch/Boost
Mouse – Aim Arrow Upgrades are in the shop.

Psychic Arrow

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