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Protector IV
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Protector IV

You are a mercenary and you are in the strategy game. Don't forget to tell yourself magical words "Me strong, me smash and me take". This slogan will help you to go through all the tests. At the start you have to choose a hero. A new legend begins from the decision who you are: Forest Dweller, Student of Magic, Travelling Merchant, or may be Street Urchin, Wandering Bard, Noble's Aqure. You can choose from a hundred of heroes. The field of the game was build with medieval fantasy. Fractions and units has nothing to compare with free online mario game but the action is still addictive. You need to slay monsters, you get rewards, you pick up artifacts and treasures.
Use your mouse to navigate the game and place units. Hold Shift to place multiple units and press space to cancel deployment.

Protector IV

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