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Planet Running Master
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Planet Running Master

Hi everyone. This is an update to my first game Planet Running Man, which I first made in 48hrs while essentially learning to code. There were some UI issues and glitches and things, and it didn’t have a save feature. I was going to update the game and send a message to everyone that had liked (voted high) for it, but I can’t send a message out to anyone unless the game has 3.75 or higher score. So instead I have uploaded a version which I will now call the finished game. There are still things I would like to eventually do (upgrades, tweaks, secrets, more planets etc), but I am currently working on a whole bunch of different projects at the moment, and would like to focus on others with a higher priority. I think the game looks nicer and runs better, and I know people will be happier now that it actually has a save function :) I’m going to leave the old version up because it’s a cool piece of my history, so as long as Kongregate is happy with me having two similar versions of my game, I will leave it up for those sweet memories. And when I do come back to updating P.R.M., it will be this new one that is updated. Thanks for playing, reading, and any feedback, suggestions or bug reports! I hope you (re-)enjoy my slightly better game.
CLICK NEW GAME TO WIPE YOUR SAVE NO WARNING LOL! Finish the game by getting to the 5th planet as fast as you can! Or play at a snails pace, whatever, I don’t mind, it’s your life! Click the planet. Buy upgrades. Mouse over the words for more info in game. Make sure to read everything if you want the most success!

Planet Running Master

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