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Pigs Can Fly
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Pigs Can Fly

In this incredibly cute adventure puzzle game, your job is to lead the pretty little pig to the magic potion to give him the power of flight. It is very much like a  super mario bros online game, but with potions instead of mushrooms and leaves. Sometimes you have to cooperate with another, computer-controlled player to clear a stage, and the artificial intelligence is very impressive. Lots of fun, this game!
Gameplay: Mouse

Each colored potion resets the level and allows you to control a cursor. The pig can only be dragged with the pink cursor, and blue and green boxes can only be dragged with the blue and green cursors respectively. The objective is to get the pig to the potion so he can grow wings and fly away. In some levels, you are not even given a pink potion! The levels get more challenging so try to think it through first! See the walkthrough video if you get stuck.

Pigs Can Fly


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