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Ode To Pixel Days
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Ode To Pixel Days

“Ode To Pixel Days” is about a teenage boy, Hans, having a crush on a cheerleader. Hans gets rejected by the cheerleader, because he is ugly, and not charismatic. Hans tries to change this by building a machine that will make everyone look the same. When everyone looks the same, he can have the girl of his dreams! But of course, in reality, things don’t work that way; and Hans is about to get into some bitter experiences. The game is played in a castle, that represents the world created by Hans’ mind. The game’s artistic goal is to put the players in Hans’ mind, to make them play through his emotional experiences, hopes and dreams. The core experience of the game is the feelings a boy goes through when he gets into puberty; loneliness, sadness, low self-esteem, the desire to change things about you and everything around you. This game is made completely by one person, and that is me.
WASD or Direction buttons to move and jump. SPACE to interact.

Ode To Pixel Days

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