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Mobile Badge Manager
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Mobile Badge Manager

In an effort to increase visibility of Kongregate mobile badges, I’ve created a Mobile Badge Manager! Find mobile badges you have yet to earn, as well as keep track of the ones you have earned! Use smarter searching to look up games with multiple tags (i.e Unearned Android Easy Action Quick Running Upgrades). Sort by newest, oldest, alphabetical, and difficulty! Look up and compare against fellow Kongregate users! Fully integrated high scores! Compete against the world! Special thanks to the following Kongregate users. Thanks for helping test the manager before launch, and for suggesting new features! (in alphabetical order) 123aaa789 abraaz adv0catus cargo11900 CrazyPunkX JimmyCarlos kinz Maelord uzzbuzz WaryRedemption You are awesome!
Q: What are mobile badges? A: They are awards given by Kongregate for completing tasks within a sponsored mobile game. These badges are permanently saved to your Kongregate account. Q: How do I link my Kongregate account to my mobile device? A: Each mobile game sponsored by Kongregate will have a Kongregate K Logo, which when pressed, will allow you to log in and start earning mobile badges! Q: How do I use this thing? A: When you hover over a game icon, it will tell you an assortment of details about the mobile badge and the game. Click the icon to go to the download page in Google Play Store/App Store. You can narrow down your search by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the screen. Q: What is Kongregate Arcade? A: It is a separate app developed by Kongregate, which currently has about 650+ games on it. When you hover over a Kongregate Arcade game, “(Kong Arcade)” will appear in the details. Q: Wait, I don’t have a mobile device?? A: Don’t worry, you can get most of the mobile badges using your computer! Click the “Don’t have a mobile device?” link! (Credit: uzzbuzz)

Mobile Badge Manager

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