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Magi: The Fallen World
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Magi: The Fallen World

Even though you might have played many Role-Playing Games (RPGs) before, this one has its own unique feel and gameplay. With an exciting action system and character developement, it’s much better than any mario brothers online game you’ll find today. This special version has been enhanced for more involving gameplay and a deeper connection to the game’s characters.
Help & Tips:
- You can scroll the island map using the arrow keys by default.
- Go back to the main menu and reload your profile will regenerate all dungeons and monsters.
- The first island is pretty easy. The real challenge starts when you arrive at the second island.
- Try adding vitality if you are dying too often.
- NPCs are randomly generated, if you can’t find a weapon-smith, try another castle.
- There are always one teleport stone every third floor of a dungeon.
- There are four bonus modes, they can be triggered when any of your character meet the level requirements.
- You may select multiple bonus mode at the same time.
- You can assign your own hotkeys in the game option menu.
- Every 5 points in willpower will reduce your cooldown rate by 0.1 second.
- If you accidentally sold a quest item, just go back to the main menu and reload your profile, you can find the item in the dungeon again.

And also, there’s a game guide button at the main menu.

Magi: The Fallen World

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