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Lost Outpost
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Lost Outpost

“What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be…” What happened to Lee in 2011’s “Outpost:Haven” was only half the story. In comparison, Lee was the lucky one. Spread over ten levels we go back and forth in time with both Lee and Jameson on Haven and the planet below to discover its secrets in this survival horror game. Swarm mode makes a welcome return, with a greater depth of gameplay. This time let’s even the odds, with more weapons and multiple armor combinations the battle is truly on. Please note, the specular lighting option requires a powerful machine. The game runs in low quality by default and is the recommended setting.
WASD / Arrow keys. Mouse to aim / shoot. Q to select weapons. R reload. P to pause / bring up your PDA. Space perform action.

Lost Outpost

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