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Helixteus is a unique economy/strategy/idling game with 200 achievements to collect. Manage your home planet, build diverse buildings to expand your colony, accumulate enough energy to send ships to other planets and defeating the Helixteii guardians, and build whatever you want on those colonized planets. Once you colonize planets in your solar system, you can send your ships to other solar systems, then eventually to other galaxies and superclusters containing powerful enemies that require more than just shooting bullets at them. This game is developed by a lone high-schooler, so the quality of art and sound is really bad. But the game being in development for over 3 months and having a fair amount of content I’ve worked really hard on it. Please show your appreciation by posting positive comments/constructive criticisms so I can improve the game for the better!
Main control: Mouse (+ left click) Zooming: Ctrl + slide cursor up to zoom in, or down to zoom out (scrolling with the mousewheel would scroll the site itself which is irritating) List of hotkeys can be found in-game.


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