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Epic War 3
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Epic War 3

Epic War 3 will make you appear to be invincible. Battle against bosses, fight your way through tons of levels to fix new heroes, buy new spells. Do you find it too easy? Please test the level of "epic" as it is probably not very easy anymore as many other sonic free online games. Don't forget to choose the right hero and construct a really brave army! The game is controlled by using the arrow keys and mouse and is a very nice game with great graphics!
-For the one complain about revenge waves, and complain that its unfair, let me tell you that you have skill cards and you can regen your unit which enemy couldnt do that.
-You can place your unit using “space” button if clicking is hard
-You shouldnt cast all your units to the frontline.
-Sometimes send backward your unit is good.
-You can regen your units or hero by let them idle.
-Range unit is good backing up melee units.
-Attack in groups is better than just send one by one .
-You can play newgameplus to get all cards.
-Use attack skill cards to hold the counter attack.when outnumbered, formation + tactic is crucial for Victory !!
-You can get new cards by leveling up your hero.*
-You can play Cave Of trials after completed the game once. Be sure for setup max your cards, the level is very challenging but the reward is worth it, you will get Titan unit cards
-Last tip: Beware for counter attack

Epic War 3

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