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Crunchball 3000
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Crunchball 3000

This game is made for those who like different kind of sports. It reminds aboutfootball , hockey and all kind of fighting. Your team compete against another team and you have to prove that yours are stronger and more successful. Great music and sounds effects make an illusion of the stadium. Could be fine to play such as online games multiplayer! More struggle, more sports, more fun!
Re-definable via options menu

p – Pause

Player 1 Controls

WASD – Movement
G – Throw ball/Tackle
H – Pass to highlighted player/Change Player
J – Change formation

Player 2 Controls

Arrows – Movement
NUM 1 – Throw ball/Tackle
NUM 2 – Pass to highlighted player/Change Player
NUM 3 – Change formation

Crunchball 3000

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