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This nice little retro game is all about a character who got deleted from the computer by a user. In his attempt to run away from deletion, he tries to gather access keys in order to copy himself into the computers backup file! Help him navigate through the sectors on his platform journey, so he can make it to the backup safe and sound. Not only does this game contain great levels, but also catchy 8-bit music that makes the trip that much more entertaining!
CP6 is a sprite from a game which was deleted from the hard disk. Just before being sent to the trash bin
he managed to transfer his bytes to a forbiden sector of the system RAM. However he must hurry and find
his way to the Backup System before the Garbage Collector finds him, or the User turns off the system.
To do so he must gather “Access Tokens” which grant him write access to the I/O functions of the Backup System.


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