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Copy Cat
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Copy Cat

If you feel tired of all the action and bmxgames out there, Copy Cat might be just what you need.  It’s more slow-paced and much more creative game, in which you have to use your artistic skills to clear the levels. And once you’ve beaten all the levels, that’s not all. Once you’ve learned the game’s principles, you can build your own levels and challenge your friends to beat them! 
-Drag stencils from the right panel to the left canvas, then click a glob of paint. Paint will go everywhere on the canvas except where you’ve placed stencils.
- Colors mix as you’d expect them to, but if you need a reminder, click on the ‘Help’ note near the stencils.
- To get rid of a stencil, drag it to the trash can. To remove all stencils, click on the trash can.
- White paint paints over any color.
- Be creative! Sometimes you need to use a series of different stencils to paint one weird shape!

Advanced Tips:
- Think of the stencil shapes as the opposite of the paint.
- The shapes on most levels have a sort of symmetry or correspondence with the edges of the canvas or the grid lines — this could be good to know when you’re trying for that last 1%!
- Remember, once you get to black, nothing except for white can change it! Use this to your advantage.

Copy Cat

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