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This is one exciting action racing game. You play as a courier who has to make deliveries in quick succession. Since the controls in this game consist of the arrow keys (or WASD), it takes but a second to get started in this fun game. Since you get three separate save files, it’s easy to share the gaming experience with the rest of your family. The rock music is very catchy and the tony graphics work really well.
Up / W = Throttle
Down / S = Reverse
Left / A = Turn left
Right / D = Turn right
Z / J = Handbrake
X / K = Rear weapon
C / L = Front Weapon

NOTE: All consumables bought in the premium store (Gold, Bank money & Pocket money) are stored in your local save file. All other items (Upgrade unlock, Day unlock & Full unlock) are shared across all your local save games.


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