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Boxhead: 2Play Rooms
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Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

Kill and survive. Survive and kill. It is what you are going to do in Boxhead: 2Play Rooms. There are many levels, many characters and many enemies. But you are always lonely on the fields, so be attentive and careful. To play free online games is not boring but you surely have your favorites. May be this one will be one of them, especially if the mood of victory is strong in your soul.
Jon Bambo has joined forces with 3 other professional Zombie killers in the new Boxhead. 3 Modes of play (Single, Coop, Death match), 10 new Rooms (18 Rooms in total), devastating weaponry and your skill to defeat the nuisance of the Zombie and their buddy the Devil. New huge Rooms allow a new style of play, new options to change the way the game works and user-definable keys for both players.

Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

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