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Aeon Defense
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Aeon Defense

Welcome to a world of intense action strategy. Choose from three distinct races and use your best tactics to win the epic battles. The Mage can use magic, the Paladin can cast spells, the Barbarian can use deadly brute force and the Lich, an undead mage can summon the dead to aid in combat. If you like Warcraft 3 and particularly DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), this is the perfect game for you!
Game is based on Dota map for Warcraft3, so it uses similar mechanics.

The goal of the game is to destroy enemy castle while protecting yours. Player controls the Hero which he can level up and upgrade in other ways (buying items and artifacts in the store, collecting runes).

Both castles are on the different sides of the map. Every now an than a wave of monsters (creeps) is spawned on both bases an march at the opposite castle. Also there is AI (Computer controlled) Heroes that play at both player and enemy sides. Game is usually 3×3 (which means that there will be 3 enemy Heroes playing against Player and 2 ally Heroes playing for rhe Player). But this is totaly configurable.


Hero is controlled with mouse. You can click on the ground to move or on the enemy to attack it with primary Hero attack.

All Heroes can learn special abilities (Skills) as they level up. Available skills will appear on skills panel and can be applied by clicking on the skill icon or using hotkey (1-9 on the keyboard).

Aeon Defense

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