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Published: 11th March 2013 Mouse House
Description: Little mouse can not get to the cheese. Help the mouse! Be careful, because the cat guards the last piece of cheese! Wisely create and remove shelves, use air bubbles, forks, trampolines and many other things to deliver the cheese to the little mouse!
Instruction: Mouse only.
Published: 11th February 2013 Dragoniada
Description: Funny vertical action-platform game where the small dragon is walking up to the top of the rock. He is traveling through the tropical forest, caves, flying in the clouds and climbing up the glacier to find his family. There are many enemies in these lands, most of them can be killed by the fireshots. Dragon also could find many useful things which help him in traveling.
Instruction: Use arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move the hero. Hold the UP arrow or W for long jump. Press space to shoot the enemy.
Published: 8th February 2013 The Game With No Title
Description: The Game with No Title has no description so it’s up to the players to figure out how to solve each level. Beware though, the instruction seems to be misplaced.
Instruction: The Game with No Title does not have any instruction. So nobody knows that player can use W, A, S, D buttons or arrows to move and mouse clicks for some specials.
Published: 25th December 2012 Save The Baloons
Description: Use your cannon to free all the ballons on screen. Shoot ninja stars to cut the ropes. Shoot balls to push baloons.
Instruction: Use mouse to aim cannon and make shot. Press 1 - to shoot with stars Press 2 - to shoot with balls
Published: 26th November 2012 Pirates: Arctic treasure
Description: Arrgh! Physical puzzle in a funny pirate setting. Cut chains with your sword, break ice, help pirates to get they arctic treasure.
Instruction: Use your mouse to cut chains and break ice. Drop all the chests into the water.
Published: 15th November 2012 Remove the Dinosaurs
Description: Fun casual physics puzzle game featuring Dinosaurs!
Instruction: Click on a dinosaur to activate its ability! Remove all the dinosaurs on screen to win!
Published: 26th October 2012 Memento Monster
Description: Are you able to find the right weapon to defeat the monster? Use your intuition and memory to become a truly monster hunter! And if you are brave enough, try to unlock all of the 20 achievements, from frightened Chicken to mythical Vampire Slayer... and more!
Instruction: Mouse only: click to flip a card, then click to flip another card. Try to match a monster card with the corresponding weapon card to delete both of them. TIP: Try to make more card combos to get a higher score and unlock the highest achievements!
Published: 23rd October 2012 The Vessels
Description: Use the principle of communicating vessels to fill main to the red line level.
Instruction: Use mouse to select vessel, put in correct hole, open/close cranes.
Published: 19th October 2012 Keep The Balance
Description: Use mouse drag to build construction. Dont let figures fall. .
Instruction: Click and hold left mouse button to move objects. Use A&D buttons to rotate shapes.
Published: 9th October 2012 Charon is Waiting
Description: Short and simple but original and stylish point-and-click adventure, where you help a troubled soul travel trough underworld, while meeting bizarre creatures and visiting strange places
Instruction: Point, and then click!
Published: 9th October 2012 Protect Tommy
Description: Place objects around Tommy with your mouse to protect him from the bad boys.
Instruction: Click and hold left mouse button to move objects.
Published: 2nd October 2012 Side By Side
Description: A genuine and inventive platform puzzle with a cute story and great music. Two mammoths from different worlds want to meet each other, so they must travel through the portals in their lands to find the portal that connects their worlds. On a cold day, a lonely mammoth walks to a lake, to find a image of a mammoth from another world. As soon as they see each other, the wish to meet appears within. Remembering stories from their ancestors, saying that the worlds are connected by portals, they begin their journey across the worlds.
Instruction: To move in the direction you wish to move, use the ARROW KEYS. To change the mammoth you control, press SPACE. To turn back time, press Z. In the map menu, use the arrow keys to move, space bar or enter to select a level. To restart the level, press R. To climb on something, press the ARROW KEY in the direction you want to climb. To push a block, sit next to it and press the direction in which you want to push it.
Published: 2nd October 2012 My Little Circuits
Description: Box2d physics game with cartoon 2d graphic and 35 interesting levels. Different types of blocks with different properties, different enemies and explosive items. You'll never be bored :) Far far away in the space, on a small planet that is populated by small robots the conveyor has broken. And the robots lost their Circuits. You have to help them find their lost parts. Show your point-and-click skills and help robots! Use your mouse to remove blocks.
Published: 6th September 2012 Lost Robot
Description: Point-and-Click adventure in the style of Monkey Island and Legend of Kyrandia (some of my favourite games growing up!). Awesome voice-acting is provided by Jim Nickerbocker. Be warned… the puzzles are pretty fiendish!
Instruction: Point… and click!
Published: 30th August 2012 Lollipop Craze
Description: This platform game is a bit like those runner smartphone games where your character automatically starts running and it’s up to you to make it jump over any obstacles and other dangers. In this game, you’re faced with the same issues, but in another form. Instead of just being one endless run where you’re supposed to get as far as possible, this is a puzzle game where you have to think as well!
Instruction: Press left mouse button to start running, press again to jump in time.
Published: 6th August 2012 Smart Birds
Description: It is wonderfull puzzle game. Help birds to unlock nesting boxes with magic lanterns. Place birds on screen so all the locks are highlighted with lanterns to complete level.
Instruction: Use your mouse to place birds into correct positions. Some birds are injured and can not be moved. There are two modes in game: easy and hard. At easy mode you have unlimited time and can replay any level at any moment. At hard mode you have only one minute for every level and only one attempt to complete all the game.
Published: 2nd August 2012 bear soldier
Description: Your little white Bear fights with angry Dragons. Help him to kill all the dragrons with a 7 type of weapons. There are 30 levels in the game. On each level you need to use different skills.
Instruction: Use your mouse to select weapon. Hold left button to set power, release button to make shot!
Published: 6th July 2012 Wizard Launcher
Description: Teach your wizard to use magic broom! 9 magic skills with 3 levels each in 3 different elements, 3 types of stats, 5 unique worlds, lots of obstacles and epic one on one battles with other wizards! Funny game about how wizard Henry stole his wife’s magic broom and trying to learn how to fly. Each of 5 worlds is ending with the fight between Henry and his wife. There are also 24 achievements.
Instruction: Use your mouse to launch wizard and magic. All magic are random. All controls but fight with boss are duplicated with “Space” button.
Published: 3rd July 2012 My Big Friend
Description: It is a wondeful quest where you control a little man with rounded head. Your hero have to help Big Green Dragon to return homeworld. Solve puzzles, collect crystals and travel in time to find way to help friend.
Instruction: In game 3 times (Past, Present and Future), find the time-portal to move another world. Collect crystals to activate portals. You can view your location and current quest on the map (key “M”). Controls: Left/Right – Movement Up/Spacebar – Jump Down – Activate M/Esc – Map (Menu)
Published: 21st June 2012 Mr. Blu's World
Description: Follow Mr. Blu through a world full of tricks and invisible items. Help him reach his treasure chest at the end of each level, by surpassing obstacles like invisible spikes, gaps in the earth, and much much more! Boxes and planks can be moved over dangerous places, but beware! They are not always visible! This is a great puzzle platforming game that will help you pass the time of any given day!
Instruction: W,A,S,D / ARROW KEYS TO MOVE
Published: 9th June 2012 Catch The Bones
Description: Looking for a great game that the whole family can enjoy? In Catch the Bones, you play as the cute dog Jack. Jack needs to collect all the bones in every stage, and it’s your job to help him do it. To aid you in your quest, Jack has extraordinary lungs. With your mouse, you click him to make him inhale, and he will start flying. Click him again, and he exhales and of course falls to the ground again.
Instruction: Click a dog to inhale and click again to exhale. Inflated dog flow up, deflated dog fall down.
Published: 7th June 2012 Captain Dave
Description: In this game you play as a castaway astronaut called Captain Dave. It’s up to you to help the Captain find his way back to his ship. To do this, you have to guide him through a series of stages and reach the exit in each one of them. You control Dave with your arrow keys, and you have to make sure he avoids the dangerous aliens. This is a perfect science fiction game for kids, with nice graphics and good soundtrack.
Instruction: Use keyboard arrows to jump on a bubbles. Gather energetics to get more lives.
Published: 5th June 2012 Roll the monster
Description: Do you hate monsters? Well, here is your chance to kill them off for good! In this fun and exciting physics game, all you have to do is make sure that monster hits the street. Because then Mr. Steam roller can come along and squeeze him into mush. This game is bound to bring laughter to anyone who plays it. But the more levels you finish, the harder it becomes to force that monster on the street...
Instruction: Controls: Left mouse button
Published: 5th June 2012 Doodle Shapes
Description: Make the blue ball reach it’s destination! Use your mouse to draw the different designs needed to move the blue ball to it’s desired location. Touch and drag your mouse to draw the lines or objects that need to guide the blue ball. When you think your drawing is complete click on the start button. If you were right you will see the blue ball reach it’s destination, using all power of physics’s laws and a new level will be available. There are 40 interesting levels at the game! Try to solve them all and have a good time!
Instruction: Use mouse to draw path for ball
Published: 30th May 2012 Roll A Troll
Description: Do you hate memes, or just love them so much you want to troll them? Either way, trolling of troll-faces is guaranteed. Using physics, this puzzle game is all about making smileys roll the troll-faces (and other memes) into the water at the bottom, drowning the memes. As you progress, objects like dynamite appear, making this game even more fun! No better way to spend the Saturday than killing sweet innocent memes, eh?
Instruction: In-game
Published: 24th May 2012 TetraTap
Description: Are you a fan of Tetris? If so, then you will love this twist on one of the best selling games from the 1980s! Whats different? Well, here there is no time-limit to bust your chops. Also, rotating the shapes is not allowed. But that’s not all! In addition, instead of having the blocks fall from the sky, you draw them on the Tetris board with your mouse! It’s the next generation of Tetris, only better!
Instruction: How do I play? You’ve got to draw shapes on the floor. The shapes show on the bottom. As to the rest – it is just that good old Tetris! Eliminate horizontal lines and continue drawing. Is there any way to rotate figures? No way. However, you may place them wherever you please. There is no space to fit the shape in, but the game wouldn’t stop! Pay attention to the next one. By clicking on it or puishing the spacebar you can make it a current one and fit it in!
Published: 22nd May 2012 Glide
Description: In a world full of circuits, it is your job to glide circles over their designated coloured stars. This is a game that is not as easy as it looks. Because of it’s use of physics, you have to make sure you launch the circles with the right amount of force. The goal of each puzzle is to be solved with the least amount of glides. This mouse only game is as entertaining as it is puzzling!
Published: 22nd May 2012 Blockster
Description: This is not just another physics based puzzle game, this one has got both heart and soul. Using your mouse only, you’re supposed to stack different objects onto each other without the “tower” tipping over. It’s easy at first and super simple to get into, but it will get more challenging later on in the game. The soothing music is perfect when you’re stuck on a level, and the graphics are entirely kid-friendly.
Instruction: Use mouse to place blocks on the stage. Where nails are available: ctrl + click creates an object and nails it. shift + click creates a single nail, that allows fixing arbitrary objects. Press “[” and “]” to switch songs.
Published: 26th February 2012 Indi Cannon
Description: With the level maker and level editor you can build your own custom levels, which means the lasting appeal seems endless.
Instruction: Click to shoot. Use “R” to restart level.
Published: 23rd February 2012 Cyclop Physics
Description: There’s Facebook and Twitter integration here, so you can share your results with your family and friends.
Instruction: Mouse.
Use "R" to restart level.
Published: 22nd February 2012 Gemollection
Description: Everyone loves treasure! In Gemollection your objective is to collect gems in your treasure chests, just like a classic pirate. This is one of those really fun games that will keep you and your friends hooked to the computer for hours on end. After beating a level, you constantly get that feeling of “just one more…”
Instruction: Click on a chain to cut it.
Use "R" to restart level.
Published: 16th January 2012 Hit The Troll
Description: Everybody loves to hate the Trolls out there. This is your chance to get revenge of this annoying online trend. You get a set of balls, and your mission is to Hit the Troll with them. When you’ve completed all the levels, you have the option to make your own ones and share them with friends! With Twitter and Facebook connectivity, you can keep your friends updated on your latest high scores without any hassle. If you like unblocked free online games, try Hit the Troll!
Instruction: Aim and shoot the shapes by using mouse and left mouse button. M – Mute R – Restart T – Troll
Published: 16th January 2012 Zombie Launcher Winter Season
Description: If you like physics games like Angry Birds, then you’re going to love Zombie Launcher Winter Season. You fire zombies out from a cannon to catch oranges. The game starts off at an easy pace, but gets more and more difficult the further into the game you get. This is one of the most funny games you’ll find on the internet, especially if you are longing for winter. Like it or not, zombies are here to stay!
Instruction: Click to shoot. The further from the cannon you click the faster zombies fly.

Use "R" to restart level.
Published: 12th December 2011 Hide Snowman
Description: Here’s a great game for the whole family! Unlike the countless free online multiplayer games out there, this one has a true Christmas spirit. With great Christmas music, cute graphics and a snowy landscape, it will quickly make you feel like it’s Christmas, even if you play in July! Your objective is a worthy one, too! Someone is trying to destroy snowmen, and it’s up to you to stop them!
Instruction: Use “R” to restart level.
Published: 20th October 2011 Tumble Fruit
Description: Your job in this game is to feed the animals with fruits of the forest. It’s a really cute game with lovely music, perfect for small children and parents alike. As free online interactive games go, this is about as good as they get. No violence but still a lot of action. Great use of Facebook and Twitter connectivity, which means you can let your friends know the minute you get that high score!
Published: 5th September 2011 Match & Remove
Description: Match and Remove is a really nice puzzle game for all you thinkers out there. The graphics and gameplay are completely harmless, which makes this a perfect game for playing with your smallest children or all your friends. Not just one of the thousands of boring online games to play, Match and Remove is a perfect game. Casual, but advanced – tricky, yet fun!
Instruction: 1. Aim the cursor of mouse at figure
2. click left button
3. If some figures of one color touch another one they will erase together.
Published: 21st August 2011 Big Bubble
Description: Big Bubble is a perfect game for people of all ages. Your job is to make the green cells win over the orange cells. The biggest cells wins, but if your cell is growing you have to be careful not to touch anything. It’s amazing that you can so easily play full free online games nowadays, and wonderful too! The music in this game is so good that you’ll want to buy the soundtrack!
Instruction: Mouse over green bubbles.
Published: 13th June 2011 Waterball
Description: You have to kick the ball from corn to corn and you have to chose the best way to pick as many stars as you can. Don't forget that the game takes place on the water surface. You surely liked to play free online mario games. But Waterball offers you unique opportunities to practice your logical thinking. The multiple levels of the game make it the more interesting.
Instruction: 1) Plan a way to an exit 2) choose a direction of movement of a ball 3) move a ball while it will not reach an exit Use Keyboard!
Published: 12th June 2011 Save The Snails
Description: Snails want to become sailor. But instead of ships they use stocks, simple stocks. What is your role here? You have to put down the piece of wood onto the water horizontally. Then put the snails on the wood carefully not to let them to be drown. You probably have already had the experience of using wood pieces in mario games free online games but the snail sailors you surely meet for the first time.
Instruction: 1) to choose a subject from turn 2) to Place it in a river 3) to place all subjects in turn that any snail hasn’t gone down.
Published: 16th May 2011 Cubium Level Pack
Description: In this simple yet involving puzzle game your job is to get the colored balls into their respective jars. To do this, you must use the laws of phsysics such as gravitaty and friction. It’s a fantastic games for children of all ages and adults alike. Much more suitable for kids than most online shooting games and more healthy for the mind too. This game is a great workout for your brain!
Instruction: 1) to move a mouse in aiming area. 2) to clamp the left button of the mouse 3) to move a sight at the goal 4) to release the mouse button
Published: 16th April 2011 Cubium
Description: This is another action-packed puzzle game, inspired by Blosics. Like Blosics, your goal is to blow balls at a group of cubes to make them fall of the platforms. The fewer balls you use in each course, the more points you’ll be awarded. Unlike the other games online gree, in this game there is no friction between the ground and the lowest blocks, which means that they will glide once you push the blocks.
Instruction: 1) to move a mouse in aiming area. 2) to clamp the left button of the mouse 3) to move a sight at the goal 4) to release the mouse button
Published: 10th April 2011 Red Menace 2
Description: This game is excellent when you're bored. It's a puzzle game where your job is to make sure the main piece settles is the right position and doesn't fall down the abyss. It's perfect for playing in small short sessions, since you can pick up and leave without any hassle. This is the best free online game we've seen for quite a while. It gets more fun the further you get into the game. 
Instruction: Use a mouse to influence figures. Left click – deletes or activates them. Also use key G to change gravitation.
Published: 19th March 2011 Fanged Fun Level Pack
Description: With fantastic music and lively graphics, this game is excellent for children of all ages, and adults as well. If you’re on the lookout for new free online games to brighten up your day, this is it for you! You havet o master the puzzle elements to get the green cube to the target while avoiding the evil red cube. It’s a whole lot of fun, so get ready for pure enjoyment!
Instruction: Click a box to transform it into a ball, click the ball to transform it back into a box. Use “R” to restart level.
Published: 12th February 2011 Fanged Fun
Description: Funny game, great game, nice game. All that you can say about Fanged Fun. Such fun we had not have since mario super bros. OK, it was something which reminds all those manipulations with red and green shapes but now they are better than ever. Once you meet a green quadrate it transforms to a circle when you click on it. Where are quadrates, where are circles, try to guess.
Instruction: Click a box to transform it into a ball, click the ball to transform it back into a box. Use “R” to restart level.
Published: 3rd February 2011 Fox'n'Roll Pro
Description: The Roll wants to reach the Fox so help them to meet. There are two beautiful friends: the Fox and the Roll. Every level of the game they start apart but then due to some tricks they finish the level together. The theory of balance and mechanics will help you a lot. Often in free online games castle has to be built or destroyed but now the task is simple, you have to help those two to meet.
Instruction: Remove shapes and avoid the angry shapes touching the happy figures.